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1st Annual RedeSaúde Conference

1.ª Conferência Anual da Rede Saúde
February 2nd, 2015
Salão Nobre da Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa

1st Annual RedeSaúde Conference

The interdisciplinary thematic network REDEsaúde aims to encourage cooperation between professors/researchers at University of Lisbon, in order to promote a coordinated response to scientific challenges related to innovation of products, processes and services in the health sector.

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ULisboa brings together, among its 18 Schools, very competitive research groups in the areas of Biomedicine, Technologies and Public Health Policies.

The Network's initial group of experts diagnosed existing internal competences and debated the major challenges posed to innovation in Health.

The 1st Annual Conference of Rede SAÚDE was a moment to share these reflections with the academic community of ULisboa, and thus strengthen the collaborative work that allows the University to reinforce its strategic positioning on the competitive international landscape.

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