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Laboratórios Associados

Associate Laboratories

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The Associate Laboratory status is granted to Research Units or consortia recognized for their robust research and development capabilities, excellence, and dedication to contributing to public policies. Beyond providing an institutional framework for research, technological development, and innovation, these laboratories also serve as interfaces with public administration, government, and society. They provide science-based information for decision-making and support studies that inform the design and implementation of science-based public policies.

With the University of Lisbon participation in 21 Associate Laboratories, 13 of which it leads, these laboratories cover diverse scientific domains and play a vital role in promoting collaboration, enhancing research capabilities, and supporting science-based policies in areas such as environmental sustainability, public health, and digital transition.

Accredited by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), these Associate Laboratories, along with R&D Units and State Laboratories, are recognized as integral parts of the National Science and Technology System.

While the Associate Laboratories may vary in terms of their founding R&D Units, organizational approaches, and scientific scope, they share common goals and commitments. These include fostering international collaboration, securing funding, promoting open science practices, supporting scientific employment, and offering expertise for consultation.

The ULisboa Atlas of Associate Laboratories presents an overview of the 21 participated laboratories, their constituent R&D Units, and the broad scientific domains they cover, spanning Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology Sciences, and Social Sciences. This Atlas will contribute to a better understanding of the research and development actors and activities at the University of Lisbon, illuminating its organizational structure and fostering closer connections with other sectors such as education, the economy, and society.

The ULisboa Atlas of Associate Laboratories was launched during the Jornadas Científicas 2023 and is available online.