Participants with Special Needs

Participantes com Necessidades Especiais

Participants with Special Needs

The European Commission, along with the EU Member States, has developed a Policy for the Integration of People with Special Needs, which aims to provide equal opportunities, especially in the area of ​​education.

Icone de partilha

Under the Erasmus + Program, the University of Lisbon guarantees equal access and opportunities for participants from all backgrounds.

Applicants with Special Needs who wish to participate in the Erasmus Program, regardless of whether they can receive an Erasmus grant, are entitled to receive an additional Erasmus grant, which varies according to the degree of incapacity.

An additional support for special needs participants could be solicited in order to support accompanying participants who hill receive a contribution based on actual costs.

Candidates must inform the Erasmus/Internacional Office of their School that they have special needs and that they wish to apply for Erasmus mobility and its Supplementary scholarship.

The ERASMUS Office of International Relations will support the entire application process for the supplementary scholarships and will inform the host institution that a participant with special needs has been selected to confirm that the host institution is in a position to receive. This correspondence (e-mail) should be part of the application, as an attachment.


The Erasmus + Program Guide defines a person with special needs "persons with mental (intellectual, cognitive or learning disabilities), physical, sensory or other disabilities". Regarding to participants in the Program, "potential participant whose health, physical or mental state implies that their participation in the project / Mobility Action is not possible without additional financial support". This support requires presentation of objective evidence attesting to the type and / or special degree of need (physical, mental or health) which is an obstacle to participation in Erasmus mobility activities.



Grants are based on real costs and are intended to cover 100% of eligible costs.

The amount of financing is based on the budget presented by the applicant.

For disabilities up to 50% - the grant may go up to 3 times the monthly Erasmus Table.
For disabilities from 50% - the grant may go up 6 times the monthly exchange of the Erasmus Table.

Real Cost

Supplemental grants for participants with special needs are based on real costs, which mean that participants must keep all documentation to deliver in the Erasmus/Internacional Office of the School that sends them to the Rectorate, within 30 days after the return of the participant.

If the eligible costs are lower than the estimated total cost, students will have to return / not receive an amount corresponding to the difference. If it exceed, they don´t receive a higher value.

Payments form

The Grant for participants with special need and paid according:

  1. 60% with the signature of the Erasmus contract plus first tranche;
  2. 40% at the end of the mobility.

The maximum amount “will not exceed 60.000,00 €” for participant.

Eligible costs: check the application form.


To apply for the Supplementary grant, you should contact Erasmus/Internacional Office of your School who will help you in on the required documentation and completing the application form.

It is recommended the application be submitted to Rectory at least 65 days before of the mobility student's departure.

 To submit the application requires:

  1. Medical declaration with the degree of the disability;
  2. Presentation additional costs (estimation) derived from the mobility, attaching support documents (for example: Adapted transport cost adapted room budgets, medical appointment.
  3. For more information, check in the application form);
  4. Application form, duly completed, dated and signed in collaboration with Erasmus/Internacional Office. The application form must be sent to the Rectory for validation and Rector´s signature;
  5. Communication of the host institution agreeing on receiving the participant under the required conditions.