ULISBOA | International


Internationalization and external visibility is one of the strategic guidelines of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa), who values the plurality of areas of knowledge and multiculturalism. Because of the quality of its teaching and its researchULisboa attracted students from all over the world, positioning itself on a perspective of globalization and cooperation towards development.

Internationalization in ULisboa  involves the entire academic community in educational and research projects together with its international partners. ULisboa has created orientation services in order to fulfil a growing demand from international students.

Taking the responsibility of making the city of Lisbon one of the great European capitals of culture and science, every year, ULisboa receives more than 6,700 foreign students, about 13,5% of the total number of students, from over 100 countries, who are seeking a high quality education as well as  a different culture,  a delightful weather and the hospitality that Lisbon, and Portugal, have to offer.

With the goal of attract an increasing number of foreign students, ULisboa supports the initiatives of its Schools to provide an educational offer in the English language. Its Schools have also contributed to a greater international visibility of the quality of its teaching and research, namely by obtaining international accreditations and by virtue of its position in world rankings.

The quality of research, innovation and culture of the Schools and Research Units of ULisboa attracts an increasing number of international talents looking for their research groups to develop projects at the highest level.

ULisboa has a vast experience in mobility programs funded by the European Commission, among which the Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and the Tempus are  remarkable.

ULisboa actively integrates higher education networks and international associations. Within these networks ULisboa establishes contacts with various national and international institutions, promoting participation in research projects, doctoral and exchange programs and offering dual degrees.

ULisboa, a national and international leader assumes its motto: a University from Lisbon to the world.