ULISBOA | Mobility under Cooperation Agreements

Mobility under Cooperation Agreements

ULisboa has encouraged the international mobility of students, professors and researchers in mobility programs worldwide through partnerships with internationally renowned institutions.

The promotion of student mobility, as well as the inclusion of foreign students in the Schools of ULisboa, is a priority guideline in Ulisboa’s strategy for internationalization. The number of students benefiting from this opportunity has been increasing every year, contributing to the international recognition of ULisboa and the Portuguese higher education system.

Student mobility also contributes to multiculturalism, to the dissemination of scientific knowledge that results from collaboration between colleagues from different countries and cultures, as well as to the general enrichment of academic life in its many aspects (academic, scientific, social and cultural).

ULisboa welcomes students from all the partner Universities.


Students attending a foreign university who are interested in doing a student exchange program at Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) under an Agreement should:
a) Check with the International Relations Office of  their home university whether it has any cooperation agreements with ULisboa or one of its Schools.
b) Carry out the internal procedures required by the home university to be selected and nominated for our institution.

Subsequently the home university shall send the applications of the nominated students with the following documentation:
| Nomination letter with the selected students for the exchange mobility;
| Application Form and study plan;
| Curriculum Plan/ Transcript of Records;
| Curriculum Vitae

NOTE: For students wishing to study at Técnico Lisboa of ULisboa, the procedures are different; in this case, the application should be filled out online and deadlines are – June 15 for the first semester (Online Application available on the School’s website in May) and November 16 for the second semester (Online Application available at the School website in September).

ULisboa Applications deadline:
| For the first semester of 2014/2015 (classes start in September): By May 30
| For the 2nd semester of 2014/2015 (classes start in February): By October 30

Applications must be sent to the following address and/or email:

International and External Relations Department
Institutional Relations Unit
Alameda da Universidade, Cidade Universitária, 1649-004 Lisbon, Portugal


If your higher education institution wishes to propose the establishment of a Cooperation Agreement, they should contact the International and External Relations Department: internacional@ulisboa.pt

Tuition fees

Some Schools at ULisboa may charge exchange students tuition fees according to the Cooperation Agreement  with partner universities.


Institutional Relations Unit
Phone: +351 210 443 556 + 351 210 443 554/5
E-mail: intercambio@ulisboa.pt


Faculty of Architecture
Academic Exchange Office
Phone: +351 213 615 080/5017
E-mail: gmobilidades@fa.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Fine Arts
Academic Services (Erasmus Office)
Phone: +351 213 252 116
E-mail: erasmus@fba.ul.pt

Faculty of Sciences
Mobility Office
Phone: +351 217 500 442/3
E-mail: internacional@fc.ulisboa.pt

School of Law
Erasmus and International Relations Office
Phone: +351 217 984 600
E-mail: erasmus@fd.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Pharmacy
Students Office
Phone: +351 217 946 400 – Ext.361
E-mail: erasmus@ff.ulisboa.pt

School of Arts and Humanities
External Relations Department – International Cooperation Office
Phone: +351 217 920 060/065
E-mail: internacional@letras.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Medicine
International Relations Office
Phone: +351 217 985 111
E-mail: nci@medicina.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Dental Medicine
External Relations Department
Phone: +351 217 922 626
E-mail: helena.matos@fmd.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
External Relations/Mobility Office
Phone: + 351 213 652 823
E-mail: socrates@fmv.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Human Kinetics
International Office
Phone: +351 214 149 271
E-mail: erasmus@fmh.ulisboa.pt

Faculty of Psychology
International Relations Office
Phone: +351 217 943 655/859
E-mail: erasmus.i@psicologia.ulisboa.pt

Institute of Social Sciences
Postgraduate Office
Phone: +351 217 804 700
E-mail: goretti.matias@ics.ulisboa.pt

Institute of Education
Mobility Office
Phone: +351 217 943 600
E-mail: mobility@ie.ul.pt

Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning
Academic Management Unit
Phone: +351 217 940 218
E-mail: erasmus@igot.ulisboa.pt

School of Agriculture
Planning and External Relations Office
Phone: +351 213 653 401
E-mail: ri@isa.ulisboa.pt

Institute of Social and Political Sciences
Cooperation and Development Area/Mobility Office
Phone: +351 213 600 488
E-mail: mobility@iscsp.ulisboa.pt

School of Economics and Management
International Mobility Office
Phone: +351 213 922 737
E-mail: imo.iseg.ulisboa.pt

Técnico Lisboa
Mobility and International Cooperation Unit
Phone: +351 218 417 362
E-mail: nmci@tecnico.ulisboa.pt