ULISBOA | Portugal


Portugal is located in southwest Europe and along the Atlantic Ocean, and just a few hours trip away from any European capital.

With a population of about 10.5 million, its diversity is represented by multiple landscapes, both natural and urban, in which the tradition of the past blends with the contemporary present.

With about 3000 hours of sunshine a year, Portugal features a mild climate and a blue sky that bewilders whoever feels or sees it. With a 850 km coastline of stunning beaches, Portugal presents itself as a perfect destination for all its visitors.

Portugal features well-defined seasons, and has suitable places to experience the specificities that mark each season of the year: from the beaches to the mountain, from the snow to the sun, it is a country of contrasts that complement each other to provide rich and diversified possibilities.

With a vast cultural heritage and many leisure activities to offer, Portugal also features a very special cuisine, with a special emphasis on the fine wines and traditional meals.

Portuguese are simple people, for whom beauty lies in simplicity, and a smile is our visiting card. It is with this very same smile that Portugal opens its doors to all those who choose to stay here.