ULISBOA | Access and Admission in ULisboa – 2nd Cycle

Access and Admission in ULisboa – 2nd Cycle

All international students coming either from an EU country or from outside EU may apply to a 2nd cycle programme (Master Degree).

In ULisboa 25 % of the master degree programmes are taught in English or partially in English; in many other cases some subjects may be taught in English if there are any international students enrolled.

Special Admission Contest for International Students

The International Student Statute establishes the conditions for admission of international students as long as they are not Portuguese nationals, for Master Programmes at ULisboa, through the Special Admission Contest for International Students (CEAIEI).


Universidade de Lisboa

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| Faculty of Architecture
| Faculty of Fine Arts
| Faculty of Sciences
| School of Law
| Faculty of Pharmacy
| School of Arts and Humanities
| Faculty of Medicine
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| Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
| Faculty of Human Kinetics
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| Institute of Social Sciences
| Institute of Education
| Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning
| School of Agriculture
| School of Economics and Management
| Institute of Social and Political Sciences
| Técnico Lisboa

Candidate profile

– Students of foreign nationality other than an EU member.
– Non-nationals Students from a member state, not residing legally for more than two years, uninterruptedly, in Portugal.
– Students holding a “Licenciatura” Degree or a legally equivalent degree.

If you hold two or more nationalities and one of these matches the nationality of a Member State, including Portugal, you cannot apply to this contest specially aimed for international students, but you may submit an application to any of the Master´s or PhD´s Programmes, its vacancies being available for nationals, EU´s and the international students.

Access and Admission


May apply for registration and enrollment in the 2nd Cycle Master’s Programmes:

– Holders of a “Licenciatura” degree, or a legally equivalent degree.
– Holders of a foreign academic degree, following a 1st cycle of studies organized accordingly with the rules of Bologna Process undertaken by a subscriber state.
– Holders of a foreign academic degree recognized as meeting the objectives of the licenciatura degree accordingly with the goals set by the Scientific Council of the higher education institution where they´re seeking admission.
– Holders of academic, scientific or professional curricula, thereby recognizable while evidence attesting full capabilities for accomplishing this cycle of studies, accordingly with the goals set by the statutorily appropriate scientific body of the higher education institution where they´re seeking admission.


For admission to a Master’s Programme through CEAIEI, international students must prove adequate knowledge of the subjects required for proceeding further studies in the programme they’re applying to.


The application is made online.


The attendance fee amount payable by the international student may be reduced to the fee paid by national students. Ask how in the school where you intend to study.

Applications and Academic Calendar

The application is made through the School´s Academic Services responsible for the Studies Cycle.

Academic Calendar

Next year´s academic calendar will be available soon.

Mobility Programmes

Internationalization in the ULisboa involving the whole academic community, through full cooperation with its international partners, is a main goal at ULisboa, in all of the teaching and research areas.

A large number of in-coming international students, from several countries, carry out every year mobility programs, for studying or research.

Available for students who attend Ulisboa, there are a number of international mobility programs international students, from Europe and worldwide, can apply to, such as Erasmus + program and those on the basis of a number of mutual cooperation agreements with higher education institutions, worldwide.

Students who attend foreign higher education institutions and wishing to apply for Ulisboa, for one semester or a full academic year, thus taking advantage of an unique international experience, should contact the International Relations Office at their home school, checking if there is any kind of partnership with Ulisboa or some other available mobility program and how they can apply for a mobility experience at ULisboa.

International Mobility Contacts

Post-Graduate Programmes

All incoming international students either from an EU country or from a non EU country may apply to a Master’s Degree (2nd cycle) MSc or a MA and Doctorate or PhD at ULisboa.

The 18 schools of ULisboa provide Diploma Programmes, post-graduate, specialization and free courses, also available to international students.

In ULisboa 25% of master degrees and 35% of doctoral degrees are taught wholly and partly in English and many other courses may also be taught in English as long as there are international students enrolled.