ULISBOA | Diploma Programmes

Diploma Programmes

School of Arts and Humanities

| Communicating Trends
| Knowledge of European Portuguese: Instruments for Analysing and Assessing the Language
| Linguistic Knowledge and Uses of Portuguese
| German Studies
| Interart Studies in the English-Speaking World
| Portuguese Studies (FL/SL)
Ethics, Law and Political Thinking
| Philosophy of Nature, Landscape and the Environment
| Eastern Philosophy
| Military History and Sciences
| History and Gender
| English as an International Language
| Inter-Arts, Culture and Communication
| Contemporary Portuguese Philosophical Thought
| Translation Practice
| Teaching Portuguese Abroad
| Teaching Portuguese Abroad (2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education) and in Secondary Education
| Translation Technologies
| Translation from and into English
| Medieval Studies
| Contemporary Art and Curatorial Studies

Institute of Social and Political Sciences

| Business English for Export Industry
| English for Tourism and Hotel Management
| Express English Course for Negotiations
| Express English Course for Meetings
| First Certificate in English (FCE) Preparation Course
| Russian Language and Culture Course
| Introduction to Mandarin
| Intermediate Portuguese Language Course
| Portuguese for Diplomacy and International Relations A1
| Portuguese for Diplomacy and International Relations B1
| Italian Language and Culture Course
| Spanish Language and Culture Course
| Portuguese Language Course A1
| Portuguese Language Course B1
| Portuguese Intensive Language Course
| Procedure and Tax Procedure Law I
| Procedure and Tax Procedure Law II
| China: Politics and Culture
| Methodology and Research Methods
| Methods and Techniques of Research
| Lobby and Political Affairs
| New HR Leaders
| Health Services Management for Managers
| Management to Elected, in Municipalities
| The Challenges of Merit Selection in Public Administration
| Political Communication and Marketing
| European Studies
| Sea Strategic Studies
| Business Diplomacy
| Governance and Strategic Intelligence
| Intelligence and Security
| Energy Security
| Terrorism and Counter-Terrrorism
| Criminology and Social Reintegration
| Crisis and Humanitarian Action
| Social Economy
| Gerontology
| Social Intervention and at-risk Children
| Biological and Forensic Anthropology
| Digital Strategic Communication
| Management of Human Resources
| Applied Positive Psychology
| Health Management
| Insurance Claim Reviewing