ULISBOA | Tuition


In order to enroll in any of the Universidade de Lisboa’s (ULisboa) study cycles, a payment for an attendance fee, the so called tuition fee, must be concluded.

This tuition fee is set annually by the General Council of the University.

In the Academic Year 2015/2016, the amount of fees approved for each cycle of studies leading to a  ‘Licenciatura’ Degrees (1st cycle) – Bsc and Master Degrees (2nd cycle), within the Integrated Master Degrees (1st and 2nd cycles), was € 1,063.47 per year, a figure that will remain unchanged for the next Academic Year 2016/2017.

The tuition fees for the Master Degrees (2nd cycle) and Doctorate or PhD (3rd cycle) differ, depending on the School.

The fee is a final outcome that combines a fixed value included in an official certified table, both for the Schools as for the Rector’s Office – Central Services and, in some cases, other expenses included.

Tuition for International Students:
Licenciaturas and Integrated Masters Degree