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Mining and Energy Resources Engineering

Mining and Energy Resources Engineering

BSc - Licenciatura's Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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6 anos
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R/A- Ef 2161/2011
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The production of green energy and the digital transformation of our society are based on the access to an increasing quantity and diversity of mineral resources, to be used both as raw materials and energy sources. Mining and Energy Resources Engineering seeks out these mineral resources, plans and manages their use, making use of technological innovation, namely the automation and digitalisation of processes, to produce raw materials or energy itself. The Mining and Energy Resources Engineer uses engineering tools to overcome the challenges and complexity of accessing the materials hidden in the terrestrial and marine subsoil, to make them available to society in a sustainable way.


The energy transition to carbon neutrality and the digital transformation of our society requires an increasing amount and diversity of critical and energetic mineral resources. Engineers face new and exciting challenges about where and how to obtain these resources, dealing with their increasing complexity and high uncertainty and ensuring their sustainability throughout the value chain.

Degree in Mining Engineering and Energy Resources prepares the students for the management of two resources - raw materials (in particular critical mineral resources) and energy - which are at the base of the greatest challenges facing society today: the transformation to a green economy and energy transition.

The Program Educational Objective of the Degree in Mining Engineering and Energy Resources is to provide students with a solid base in Fundamental & Engineering Sciences and Main Area Sciences, which will allow them to develop essential competences, at the Master's level, in the four domains:

Mineral Resources Prospecting. New discoveries of strategic mineral resources are absolutely necessary and essential for the development and transition of society to a greener economy. With this Degree, students are provided with new methods and technologies for geophysical, geochemical and geological exploration for the identification of new geological resources.

Information Technologies and Spatial Data Sciences. The student acquires a strong component of IT and Spatial Data Sciences methods - GIS, Remote Detection, Geomathematics, Data Science - fundamental to the exercise of the modern mining and energy industry based on the principles of digital mining, smart-mining, automation and robotics, and real-time mining.

Mining and Quarrying Technologies, Groundwater and Energy Resources. The student learns the basics of the technologies of the entire production chain of modern mining engineering - Smart Mining. Students are also provided with the skills to manage and exploit groundwater and geothermal resources.

Environment and Sustainable Management of Mining Projects. Modern Mining and Energy Resources Engineering requires that all exploration projects are an economic and environmental asset for all stakeholders, in particular for the local populations where these projects are implemented. The student is provided with solid bases for the assessment and management of environmentally sustainable projects.

We will train students for the future, providing them with digital methods, tools and skills for engineering mineral and energy resources through theory, experimentation and computing.

Career prospects 
Undergraduate students in Mining Engineering and Energy Resources acquire a solid background that allows them to continue their studies in any Master of the School or international Master.

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Um dos seguintes conjuntos: 02 Biologia e Geologia + 19 Matemática A ou 07 Física e Química + 19 Matemática A
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