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Rector’s Welcome

Reitor Luís Ferreira

Rector’s Welcome

Nowadays, universities cannot do without an international outlook. They must recruit the best students, the best teachers and the best researchers and compete with their counterparts worldwide.

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The response to the wide range of complex global issues highlighted by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals requires a strong commitment and global cooperation from the best-equipped universities, with the great aim of making a decisive contribution to a better world.

The partnership between the University of Lisbon and Shanghai University, with the aim of creating the ULisboa School at Shanghai, fits into this objective. The link between the two institutions, uniting Portugal and China, can serve as an example of global cooperation. Not only does ULisboa internationalise in Portugal, bringing together talent from all over the world in our country, but it also deepens its internationalisation abroad, accessing knowledge that is emerging in a fast-growing country and exchanging experiences with universities that are developing rapidly.

Portugal and the world are facing major challenges today. None of them can be overcome without more knowledge, more science and more innovation. But these challenges also require increasing co-operation at world level, because they are global and require joint solutions. The university's involvement and active participation are essential for this to be possible. ULisboa seeks to be a forward-looking institution, engaging in dialogue with other countries and contributing to a better world. Lisbon must be open to the world - and, in this case, have a voice in Shanghai.