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Access and Admission in ULisboa - 2nd Cycle

All international students coming either from an EU country or from outside the EU may apply to a 2nd cycle programme (Master Degree (2nd Cycle) - MSc or MA).

At ULisboa, 25% of master degree programmes are taught fully or partially in English. In many other cases some subjects may be taught in English should there be any international students enrolled.

Special Admission Contest for International Students

The International Student Statute establishes the admission conditions for international students coming from a non-EU country and who are not Portuguese, for Master Programmes at ULisboa, through the Special Admission Contest for International Students (CEAIEI).


Mobility Programmes

ULisboa sets internationalization as one of its main guidelines, bringing the entire academic community and its international partners together in educational and research projects.

Every year, a large number of in-coming international students, from several countries, carry out mobility programs at ULisboa, for studying or research.

ULisboa students have countless international mobility programs available to them and these are open to international students not only from Europe, but from the rest of the World. A good example is the Erasmus+ Program and the many Cooperation Agreements that ULisboa has established with higher education institutions from all over the World.
Students attending foreign higher education institutions and wishing to apply at ULisboa, for one semester or a full academic year, thus taking advantage of an unique international experience, should contact the International Relations Office at their home school to check if there is any kind of partnership with ULisboa or some other available mobility program and confirm how they can apply for a mobility experience at ULisboa.
International Mobility Contacts

Post-Graduate Programmes

All incoming international students, either from an EU country or a non EU country, may apply to a Master’s Degree (2nd cycle) MSc or a MA or a Doctoral Degree (3rd Cycle) at ULisboa.

The 18 Schools that make up ULisboa also provide diploma programmes, which do not grant academic degrees – such as post-graduate programmes, specialization programmes, free courses, and language courses, which are also available to international students.

At ULisboa, 25% of master degrees and 35% of doctoral degrees are taught fully or partially in English and several other courses may also be taught in English as long as there are international students enrolled.

| Students whose nationality is not Portuguese, nor that of another European Union country;
| Students who besides not having Portuguese nationality, nor that of another European Union country, have also not been living in Portugal for over 2 years uninterruptedly up to August 31st of the year of application;
| Students holding a ‘Licenciatura’ Degrees (1st Cycle) – BSc (or equivalent) diploma from their country of origin.

If you have more than one nationality and one of them is of a EU country, including Portugal, you cannot apply to this contest specially aimed for international students. However, you may submit an application to any of the Master Degrees’ (2nd Cycle) - MSc or MA Programmes, since their vacancies are available for students from anywhere in the World.

In order to apply for enrollment and registration in the Master’s Degree (2nd Cycle) – MSc or MA, one must:

| Hold a ‘Licenciatura’ Degree (1st Cycle) - BSc or an equivalent degree, or;
| Hold a foreign higher education degree (1st Study Cycle) in line with the Bologna Process principles from a subscriber country, or;
| Hold a foreign higher education degree (1st Study Cycle) recognized as a ‘Licenciatura’ Degree (1st cycle) - BSc according to the standards set by the Scientific Board of the desired higher education institution, or;
| Present an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which can be recognized at the desired higher education institution, by the responsible Scientific Board, as equivalent to a 1st Study Cycle degree.

To be admitted to a Master Degree (2nd Cycle) - MSc or MA, the international student must meet the fixed requirements to proceed to this study cycle.

Applications are done online.

The international student´s tuition fee may be reduced to the same value as the one paid by Portuguese students.
For further information, please contact the School you wish to apply to.

The application is done through each School´s Academic Services and their staff responsible for each specific Study Cycle.