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Formação Profissional

Professional Training

University Administration is in charge of promoting professional training within Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa), ensuring it is available for its staff through training sessions for updating or acquiring new skills and knowledge which are critical for carrying out one’s duties.

Within the professional training framework, University Administration has prepared and made available, upon request, a number of solutions for ULisboa Schools: 
| Reports on training needs, based on the study of surveys on the subject; 
| Development and coordination of training programmes, tailored to fit the expectations of improvement of professional performance and accordingly with each institutional reality; 
| Training programmes for the professional development of staff according to each position’s demands, the results of the training needs reports, and the development needs identified through performance assessment processes; 
| Organization of staff integration projects (initial or continuous training).

Simultaneously, University Administration provides the ULisboa community with the following: 
| The Annual Training Plan; 
| Protocols with training entities in order to benefit ULisboa staff with favorable participation conditions.


Universidade de Lisboa Rectory
Non-Academic and non-Research Staff Evaluation and Training Centre
Human Resources Department
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