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Research at ULisboa

Research and innovation are cornerstones and guarantee the quality of ULisboa's teaching in the different scientific, humanistic and cultural fields.

Research at ULisboa is highly internationalised, innovative and influential.

ULisboa's research, technological development and artistic production benefit from its organisational variety and cover all fields of knowledge, in a highly multidisciplinary and collaborative setting.

This high-quality research expands the horizons of knowledge and fosters its application in favour of scientific, economic and social development, in the face of major global challenges in areas such as health; digital, industry and space; climate, energy and mobility; agriculture and the environment; culture, creativity and an inclusive society; and civil security for society.

The research and innovation conducted at ULisboa is recognised internationally, shown in performance indicators such as the list of Highly Cited Researchers, greatly contributing to its position in the International Rankings, which are also crucial tools in attracting high-potential international students.

Research in Figures

ULisboa is an educational and scientific institution based on the generation, transmission and social and economic valorisation of knowledge and culture, committed to the development of society. Research at ULisboa seeks to advance knowledge and tackle global societal challenges.

ULisboa generates added value through research, innovation and technology transfer, as seen in ULisboa Research in Figures.

Our Approach

ULisboa favours high-quality research and encourages competitiveness through multidisciplinary projects and teams, in effective partnerships to create a real impact.

ULisboa also takes part in numerous international research, innovation and cultural initiatives, with an emphasis on transversal leadership and multidisciplinary projects. This collaboration has made it possible to broaden the ecosystem substantially whilst valorising the most relevant discoveries and innovations.

It is worth emphasising that research, technological development and artistic production activities also have a significant impact on society, which can be seen in the diversified outreach strategies in laboratories, observatories, archives and other infrastructures that shape public practices and policies.

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