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TTC@ULisboa — Centro de Transferência de Tecnologia e Valorização do Conhecimento da Universidade de Lisboa

TTC@ULisboa — Technology Transfer and Knowledge Enhancement Centre of the Universidade de Lisboa

The Technology Transfer and Knowledge Enhancement Centre of Universidade de Lisboa TTC@ULisboa) supports entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the academic community.

The TTC@ULisboa provides assistance and support to new entrepreneurs, researchers as well as companies in the process of sustainably developing business ideas, fostering interaction between the business community and ULisboa. It also supports the ULisboa Research and Business Incubation Units, organising other initiatives related to research, innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular symposiums, workshops and other related activities.

This Centre, responsible for promoting the transfer of technology and knowledge between the University and society, is run by the ULisboa Incubator.

Phone.: +351 217 904 700
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto 2
1649-003 Lisboa 

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 9pm to 4am

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