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Non-Teaching Staff

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Non-Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff mobility for training occurs among higher education institutions with established Interinstitutional Agreements between them, or with companies and organizations.

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Mobility periods have a duration of at least 2 days and, at the most, 2 months (excluding days travelling).


| Acquire specialized knowledge through experiences and best practices abroad, as well as practical skills which may be relevant to their duties and professional development;
| Help build cooperation between higher education institutions and companies;
| The mobility period at a partner company, organization or institution, may be designated as short term posting, a work visit, a workshop,  among others;
| The training missions will usually last one week, but they can have a minimal duration of 2 days (excluding days travelling) or take as long as 2 months.

The staff member must turn in a Declaration of Stay up until 15 days after returning from the mobility period and fill in the Erasmus Report in the Mobility Tool.