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The Universidade de Lisboa is committed to the implementation of strategic partnerships in key intervention areas, at a national and international level, including academic and business-oriented. These partnerships aim to contribute to increase the university’s impact on society, namely through the diffusion and transfer of knowledge.

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In this context, the highlight goes to the ULisboa relevant involvement in the challenge launched by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) to participate in Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). These partnership platforms were created to develop Europe's innovation capacity through dynamic cross-border partnerships that actively promote knowledge transfer.

KICs are partnerships that aim to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the economy by strengthening cooperation among the various players in the knowledge triangle: education, research and innovation. The aim is to achieve economic growth through employability in a knowledge-based economy.

The Universidade de Lisboa is a member of two KICs, selected by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT):

EIT Health
EIT InnoEnergy

The Lisbon Living + Consortium was set up in response to the competition launched by the EIT regarding the establishment of a KIC in the Health area. Lisbon Living + brings together several institutions from the Lisbon and Évora regions, including companies, universities, public health care providers and private institutions, research centres, social solidarity institutions and representatives of local authorities aiming to contribute to the transfer and valorisation of knowledge to promote healthy living and active aging.

ULisboa has also been consolidating partnerships with institutions from the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN) and companies through protocols, such as the Memorandum of Understanding for the Centre of Excellence for Agriculture and Agro-Industries (Centro de Excelência para a Agricultura e Agro-indústrias ,CEAAI), to support the business communities of the agricultural and agro-food sectors from the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region.