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Cooperação Internacional

International Cooperation

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) intends to strengthen its potential for intervention and influence in strategic international areas by maintaining a strong focus on Portuguese-speaking countries, and by contributing to a broader use of the language as an institution of reference in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.

By establishing new partnerships, ULisboa seeks to attract an increasing number of international students and to promote international cooperation by establishing agreements for scientific and academic cooperation with higher education institutions in different countries outside the EU, particularly in Brazil, China, the Middle East and African Countries of Official Portuguese Language (PALOP).

Agreements and existing partnerships contemplate the different study cycles and result mostly in mobility (student, professors and staff) and in joint degrees.

ULisboa’s network of strategic partnerships includes not only countries from Europe but also North America (United States and Canada), Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico e Argentina), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé, Algeria and Gana), Asia (East Timor, India, Macau, China , Japan, Russia, Georgia, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand) and Oceania (Australia) countries.