Food, Farming and Forestry College (F3)

Colégio Food, Farming and Forestry

Food, Farming and Forestry College (F3)

The Food, Farming and Forestry College (F3) is the catalyst for generating transdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of food, agriculture and forestry at ULisboa. As such, it triggers a holistic approach at promoting scientific and technological development, as well as at promoting teaching of innovation in the food and agro-forestry sectors, since it generates forward-looking public policy in the face of the multiple challenges with which human society has to cope on a national and international level.

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It is this College’s mission to share interdisciplinary skills in the areas of food, agriculture and forestry in order to stimulate the development of transdisciplinary knowledge for innovation and technological valorization, the promotion of social and environmental responsibility, as well as an integrated governance of the food and agroforestry sectors.

Coordination: Maria Wanda Sarujine Viegas (ULisboa’s School of Agriculture)

Team: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy, School of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Psychology, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, School of Agriculture, Institute of Social and Political Sciences, School of Economics and Management and Técnico Lisboa.