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Agro-Food and Forestry (redeAGRO)

Agro-Food and Forestry (redeAGRO)

The ULisboa AgroFood and Forestry Thematic Interdisciplinary Network (redeAGRO) aims mostly at mobilizing professors/researchers from this field to promote its integration into international networks while taking advantage of the critical mass attained from the number of researchers and research units involved and their respective specialized differentiation levels.

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This strategy will also enable better positioning towards the challenges brought on by the smart specialization strategies (RIS3) within the EU-Partnership Agreement, its operational programmes (Portugal2020) and other national and international competitive platforms.

RedeAGRO gathers all Schools and Research Units of ULisboa in the fields of (1) Agriculture and plant foods; (2) Forestry and forestry based-industries; and (3) Animal husbandry and foods of animal origin demonstrating the multiplicity of research disciplines and methodologies involved in this network.

RedeAGRO addresses the priorities set by the EU concerning sustainable development in the context of the H2020 Strategic Programme. It will work towards the external challenges set both by national (FCT, Portugal 2020) and international (H2020) research programmes as to tackle the regional and national societal challenges, bringing together the public, private and social sectors.

Within ULisboa, RedeAGRO has as its main goal the promotion of an interdisciplinary research strategy in the agrifood and forestry fields, in order to reinforce the existing research work and capacities to tackle current and emerging challenges in these value chains. In this sense, redeAgro has been establishing contacts with private companies and institutions from the National R&D System by promoting conferences, symposiums, bilateral meetings and also by assembling the Business Advisory Board.

| RedeAGRO mini-symposium “From Fine Wines to Bulk Chemicals: Impacts of Yeast Research on a Bio-Based Economy” | July 14, 2016
| RedeAGRO 4th Annual Conference | May 3, 2017

| RedeAGRO 3rd Annual Conference | May 2, 2016

| RedeAGRO 2nd Annual Conference | June 15, 2015

| 2nd RedeAGRO Workshop (Business-oriented) | May 22nd, 2015 (Report reserved to participants)
1st RedeAGRO Workshop (Business-oriented) | March 14th, 2015 (Report reserved to participants)
| RedeAGRO 1st Annual Conference | October 13, 2014

Centro de Excelência para a Agricultura e Agro-indústria (CEAAI), located at the National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research (INIAV)-Pole at Quinta da Fonte Boa, Vale de Santarém.

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