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Terms of use

Terms of use

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These Terms of Use regulate your use of the website of  Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa). It is recommended that you read these before proceeding to visit the site.

ULisboa reserves the right to alter, without any previous notice, the terms set forth herein, and proceed forthwith to the dissemination of the new terms.

The content, information, logos or other images published on this website belong to ULisboa, all rights reserved. None can be reproduced or altered for commercial purposes or other uses, without prior authorization, except for educational / didactic or journalistic purposes. In these cases, you should refer to the site www.ulisboa.pt as credit or source of information.

ULisboa is not responsible for the accuracy and quality of information contained in external websites which are referred to as pointers or links to facilitate access to related information. ULisboa is not responsible for the respective pointers privacy policies.

ULisboa demands, as far as possible, to ensure that this site is accessible to all types of user. In this sense, it tries to respect the conditions of users with special needs.

The site of ULisboa provides correct and up to date  information. However, if you find any matter that requires correction, clarification or you wish to make any suggestions, please send a message to site@ulisboa.pt

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