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Avaliação e Qualidade

Evaluation and Quality

The University of Lisbon (ULisboa) is strongly committed to the promotion and evaluation of the quality of teaching, research and services provided to the academic community and to the general public.

In this sense, the main functions of ULisboa's structures associated with quality assurance aim at:

  • To promote the quality of teaching and research;
  • To promote the development of an internal institutional culture of quality assurance;
  • To monitor internal and external evaluation processes;
  • To provide information about ULisboa's performance in the quality area;
  • To propose to the competent ULisboa bodies the creation of institutional structures to support the implementation of the quality assurance policy;
  • To define and establish forms of collaboration with national and international experts in the area of quality assurance;
  • To elaborate good practice manuals;
  • To issue recommendations.

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