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eit urban mobility

EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility is a Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) with the aim of becoming Europe's largest urban mobility transformational initiative.

The EIT Urban Mobility's main objective is to accelerate the transfer of innovation in mobility to cities in order to improve their sustainability and quality of life, with the EIT co-financing of 400 million EUR for a first period of 6 years (2020-2026).

The entry of the Universidade de Lisboa in this initiative, as core-partner, creates a set of opportunities in the field of research and education, through the access to the co-financing of these activities and the expansion of ULisboa's actions through a network of excellence comprising Companies, Public Entities, Universities, Research Centres, Technological Companies, and remaining parties in the area of urban mobility.

The EIT Urban Mobility programmes focus on 8 challenges:

  • Challenge 1 (C1) Achieving sustainable urban growth;
  • Challenge 2 (C2) Decongesting our transport networks;
  • Challenge 3 (C3) Growing interdisciplinary talent;
  • Challenge 4 (C4) Eco-efficient and safe transport for people and goods, including waste;
  • Challenge 5 (C5) Data exploitation
  • Challenge 6 (C6) Boosting the competitiveness of the mobility industry;
  • Challenge 7 (C7) Shaping the framework for regulatory and behavioural change;
  • Challenge 8 (C8) Urban governance.

You may consult the EIT Urban Mobility funding opportunities here.