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Special Educational Needs

Necessidades Educativas Especiais

Special Educational Needs

The Network of Support for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN-ULisboa Network), including representatives of its 18 schools, the Student Support Services (SASULisboa), the University Stadium of Lisbon (EULisboa) and ULisboa's students as a whole, does provide a decisive support, having in mind a fully inclusive education in ULisboa, their main goals being as follows:

Share Special Educational Needs

-Identifying, spreading and consolidating the so called “best practices”;
- Sharing resources and improving the attendance conditions and the academic success of SEN students.

The ULisboa’s Student with Special Educational Needs Regulation (Regulamento do Estudante com Necessidades Educativas Especiais da Universidade de Lisboa,) presents a general background about measures ensuring SEN´s students full educational access and inclusive teaching, that is to say, enabling access to the tools and resources in need, either for learning as for favouring the whole of the information flow.

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