Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas (CRUP)


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The Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP) is a coordinating body of higher education in Portugal and integrates as full members all the public universities and the Catholic University of Portugal, hence corresponding to a relevant and significant part of the national higher education system.

CRUP's main activities are mainly directed to:
• Coordination and global representation of its members, respecting the autonomy of each of them;
• Active collaboration in the formulation of national policies in education, science and culture;
• Direct involvement in national higher education policy debate, including preparation of new legislation;
• Active advisory and direct participation in public budget preparation for higher education;
• Contribute to the development of education, research and culture and to dignifying the mission of the university and of its agents, as well as to strengthening networking with similar councils from other countries;
• Mandatorily consulted on any change in the public university system.

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