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tEP network

Network of Studies and Planning staff - tEP network

The network of Studies and Planning staff was created in 2014 with the aim of responding to the challenges facing the Planning of an institution of Higher Education with the size and complexity of the Universidade de Lisboa. This network joins the Institutional Studies and Planning Office of the Universidade de Lisboa, the Planning Offices of its various Schools, the Social Services, the University Stadium of Lisbon, and ULisboa Museums.

The goals of tEP network are:

  • To harmonize work processes
  • To identify common problems
  • To spread good practices
  • To find solutions within the scope of the ULisboa
  • To form recommendations and proposals to the Schools and other Autonomous Services (AS)
  • To consolidate and integrate information by sector
  • To set response deadlines
  • To decrease response times

While in permanent talks with the representatives of the Schools and all the AS's, the tEP network meets periodically and in a decentralised manner, thus allowing for collaborative management based on proximity. 

The Institutional Studies and Planning Office of the ULisboa is responsible for the organisation and management of this Network.

To get in touch, just send an email to