The Senate is the Advisory Body that represents the Academic Community and the Schools of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa).

The Senate is comprised of:

– The Rector, who presides
– The Vice-Rectors
– The Deans or Directors of the Schools
– The Chairmen of the Scientific Councils of the Schools
– The Chairmen of the Schools’ Pedagogical Councils
– A member of the Student Association from each Schools and, if it exists, from the University, appointed by its Dean or Director.
– The Registrar
– The Registrar or General Secretary of each School, or the person who performs these functions
– The Chairman of the Lisbon University Stadium, the Director of Social Services, and the Executive Director of Shared Services
– The Directors of the Specialised Units

As defined in the Electoral Rules and Regulations, the following are elected members of the Senate:

a) Thirty representatives of Professors and Researchers in total

b) Eighteen student representatives elected from a single electoral roll

c) One Non-Academic and non-Research Staff representative from each School,  from each Autonomous Service, and from the Rector’s Office

The functioning of the Senate

The Senate approves its own regulations and functions through Plenary Sessions and Committees:

– Scientific Affairs Committee;

– Standing Committee for Pedagogical and Student Affairs.