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Education and Training

Education and Training

MSc - Master Degree
Institute of Education
Time period 
Data de Acreditação A3ES 
Prazo de Acreditação A3ES 
6 anos
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Number 
R/A-Cr 3/2014
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Registration Date 



This Master Programme aims to further the knowledge acquired in the 1st Cycle (in the Bachelor Programme in Education and Training and in related ones) and to prepare professionals to perform autonomously in the fields of education and training.

These fields are considered in a vast sense, including not only school-context educational phenomena, but also non-formal ones, as well as development and learning processes in work contexts. This degree is suitable to address the complexity of education and training phenomena, seeking for students to develop competences that allow them to perform in the interstices and interfaces of various modalities of education and training, not only within the educational system, but also in cultural, social, welfare, economic, justice and health-related organisations.


Furthering knowledge in the field of education and training, namely in various areas of specialisation, with a view to applying them in work contexts;
Diagnosing problems, needs, resources and opportunities for educational intervention in groups, organizations and communities, based on investigative processes and on a critical and creative reflection;
Creating, managing and evaluating projects, programmes, devices, activities and resources related to education and training, in institutional contexts, organizations, structures and services with both education and training;
Coordinating and participating in multidisciplinary teams, and collaborating with other professionals and researchers in projects, organizations and networks with an education and training scope;
Intervening in the management of organizations with an education and training scope;
Participating in the identification, organization and systematization of empirical, qualitative and quantitative data, aimed at producing studies, documents, reports and opinions in the context of education and training;
Providing consultancy regarding education and training initiatives;
Developing competences to communicate conclusions, knowledge and their rationale appropriately, both to experts and to non-experts.

Career prospects 
Not applicable
National Admission Exams 
Criteria to apply to this programme: a) Holders of a degree or legal equivalent in the field of Education/Sciences of Education; b) Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according with the principles of the Bologna Process by a State included in this process in the field of Education/Sciences of Education; c) Holders of a foreign academic degree in the field of Education/Sciences of Education recognized as meeting the objectives of the degree by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Education; d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as confirming the ability to attend this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Education.
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Fee - remaining years (indicative) 

International Access

Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)