Foreign Qualifications

Habilitações Estrangeiras

Foreign Qualifications

Recognition and Equivalence

The holders of foreign qualifications (for Bachelor's, Masters, or Doctoral degrees) may request their respective recognition or equivalence by Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa). This process is based on a scientific evaluation of the completed coursework from their foreign degree, as established by Decree-Law No. 283/83, of the 21st of June, and is based on a casuistry assessment of the level and duration of the degree, and the respective programme content.

Those interested in obtaining equivalence for a degree (Bachelor’s, Masters, or Doctorate) that was completed at a foreign higher education institution must submit an application:
- for a Bachelor's degree - to the President of the Scientific Council of the School of ULisboa that offers courses in the same, or related field;
- for Master’s and Doctoral degrees - to the Rector of ULisboa.

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It is also possible to register a diploma obtained from a foreign higher education institution. This procedure aims to simplify the recognition of foreign degrees, thus promoting the mobility of graduates in academic education, as well those in the labour market.

We advise students to consult the list of countries that are eligible for academic recognition. This list is available in the Generic Deliberations of the Foreign Degrees Recognition Commission.

At the ULisboa, we are currently not taking new requests, taking into consideration the changes implemented to this process on July, 25th, by the Portaria n.º 227/2017. To present a request, please contact directly the DGES.