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Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer (redeVALOR)

Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer (redeVALOR)

The Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer network from ULisboa, redeVALOR, is a transversal network throughout the University, encompassing representatives from all of its Schools.

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By creating redeVALOR, ULisboa expects to promote discussions related to entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge transfer in order to improve the University’s skills in these dominions and intensify interdisciplinarity through close collaboration between the ULisboa 18 Schools.

RedeVALOR aims to open the University to society by promoting more systemized and social responsible standards regarding innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

There is an aspiration to strengthen ULisboa relations with other national and international institutions linked to transfer and valorization of knowledge by establishing partnerships between the University and enterprises stimulating opportunity-entrepreneurship.

In its essence, redeVALOR is interested in all stages of the complex process of bringing knowledge into practice, with economic and social benefits.

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